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 The Partnership of Intuition and Dreams

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Join Dr. Marcia Emery who is one of the country's foremost authority on the power of intuition to change our lives. Her passion is to help people transform life's problems, struggles and even tragedy into triumph in order to live fully and radiantly. She brings her intuitive gifts to you through this website.

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“As a media maker, an artist, and a scholar of consciousness studies, I found Dr. Marcia Emery's work as a teacher, an author and a consultant to be not only highly informative and insightful, but practical and accessible. I was immediately able to apply her wisdom to my life and work.”

Kate McCallum, Producer/Writer/Consultant, BRIDGE ARTS MEDIA/Universal Studios

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Empower Your Intuition
How to Use your Feminine Powers to Become a Flourishing Leader in Your Life & Business

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  • Simple secrets for creating lasting change in life & business

  • Why it's important to use your intuition in everything you do

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Consultations: Intuitive, Counseling, Coaching and Dreamwork



Schedule a Consultation 

As a psychologist and highly developed intuitive, Dr. Marcia Emery is available to consult with you.

Areas of concern can include:

  • sustaining a rewarding career.

  • developing healthy relationships.

  • maintaining radiant health.

  • managing finances.

  • coping with transitional times.

  • pursuing a spiritual path.

  • following creative pursuits.


Books by Marcia Emery:  The Intuitive Healer, Power Hunch and The Intuition Workbook

Read Marcia's Contribution in
Chicken Soup for the Soul:
Dreams and Premonitions

IASD Annual Dream Conference

Rolduc Conference Kerkrade, Netherlands
June 24-28, 2016

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